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Bravo's Mad About You

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Maddie is one of 4 white puppies born to Jelena and Ghost!  She has very outgoing and put together very well.  I love her body and she has the cutest head.  She is white with blue pigment and grey eyes!  She is wild and lovable all a the same time, she is the first one out of the litter to ask for cuddles.  I cannot wait to see what Maddie does in the show ring at the end of 2022.

Maddie started her show career in Aug2022, she is not sure what to do yet, but for her first time out, she did great.

13Feb2023 OFA Heart Exam was normal and OFA Patella exam was 0/0 

11Mar2023 CERF exam was normal

CHIC # 181249

Chihuahua Club of America

16Oct2022 1st in her class under judge Ms. Sharon Masnick

Click the link below for pedigree!

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