GCH Bravo's Playing the Trump Card

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Trump was born here at Bravo's, along with his littermate Olivia. Trump finished his Championship all out of the Bred-By class handeled exclusively by me. We are looking forward to what he will bring to our breeding for preservation program here at Bravo's Chihuahuas.  Trump is a total clown and a mamma's boy! He will have puppies on the ground in Dec2019.

CHIC#: 127905

CERF eye test was normal on 3/10/18 at the age 2yr old. CERF test was performed by Dr. Hunkeler at Eye Care for Animals

OFA (CH-CA1187/22M/P-VPI) Cardiac exam was normal, performed on 2/6/18 at 2 years of age.

OFA (CH-PA1803/22M/P-VPI) Patella exam was normal performed on 2/6/18 at 2 years of age.

Show wins for Trump:

13May2017 WD/BOW under judge Mr. Fredrick Dewsbury

14May2017 WD/BOV under judge Mr. Bradley Jenkins

5Aug2017 WD/BOW/BOV under judge Elizabeth Sweigart

27Aug2017 WD under judge Mr. Madeline Patterson

25Nov2017 wD/BOS under judge Mr. James Moses

11Mar2018 WD/BOW under judge Mrs. Janet Turnage Nahikian

23Sep2018 WD BOW under judge John Wade

04Nov2018 WD under judge Marge Calltharp

09Nov2018 WD under judge Mr. James Moses

10ov2018 WD/BOW/BOV under judge Mr. David Miller

11Nov2018 WD under judge Ms. Sandy Wheat

02Feb2019 Select under judge Mr. Richard Lashbrook

07Mar2019 BOS/BOH under judge Ms. Gloria Kerr

08Mar2019 Select/BOH under judge Brian Meyer

09Mar2019 Selec/BOH under judge James Ferhing

30Mar2019 BOS/BOH under judge Angela Pickett

31Mar2019 BOS/BOH under judge Mr. Robert Hutton

03May2019 BOV under judge Mr. Charles Olvis

05May2019 Select under judge at Hastings

18Aug2019 BOS under judge John Wade

21Sep2019 Select under judge Dr. Roger Pritchard

22Sep2019 Select under judge Mrs. Anne Savory

25Jan2020 BOS under judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman

26Jan2020 BOS under judge Ms Terri Lyddon