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My name is Emily Buller and I am a small exhibitor and Preservation Breeder of Smooth and Long coat Chihuahuas. I am located in Kansas City, Missouri area. I breed to the AKC standard, with an emphasis on health and temperament. I only breed AKC Chihuahuas and I only have a few litters a year. All of my breeding dogs are health tested and receive a CHIC number. My dogs are a huge part of my family and live in the house with my husband and I.  I received my AKC breeder of Merit in Jan2019.  If you are interested in a Chihuahua from Bravo's Chihuahuas, please contact us via email or phone call or text.

I am a board member of the Chihuahua Club of America and also a board member of the MoKan Toy dog cub.

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Site updated-02Apr2023

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