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Benny Jett is a stunning boy out of Tilli and Lincoln.  Benny is a very well-put-together chihuahua with a temperament to die for.  He loves to chase the pointers around the yard and play with the other chihuahuas and is too busy for cuddles.

Benny is co-owned with Stephanie Schultes and Deborah Long in AZ. Benny is solid muscle, he is doing great in his show career so far.  

Benny is now living in TX on a co-ownership. Benny will continue to be in our breeding program as needed.

Apr2023 major_edited.jpg

25Nov2022 WD/BOBOH under Judge Mrs. Pamela B. Peat for a 5 pt major handled by Stephanie Schultes. This was Benny's very first show, I am so proud of this little boy!

03Dec2022 WD/BOW/BOBOH under judge Mr. John Wade for 1 point handled by Stephanie Schultes.

04Mar2023 BSS in Sweepstakes under judge Ms. Shawn Christine Jones handled by Deb Long

01Apr2023 WD for a 3 pt major under judge Dr. Troy Clifford Dargin handled by Deb Long

02Apr2023 WD/BOW for a 4 pt major under judge Mr. George Milutinovich handled by Deb Long

20Apr2023 WD/BOW/BOBOH for 2 points under judge Mr. GW Hayburn handled by Deb Long


21Apr2023 Select dog under judge Mr. Cameron Riegel for his 1st 2 points towards his GCH

22Apr2023 Select Dog under judge Mr. Robert Hutton for 2 points and CH defeated

23Apr2023 Select dog under judge Mr. John Brown for 2 points and CH defeated

Click the link below for pedigree!

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