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CH Bravo's Only Child

Mar2024 CH_edited.jpg

Salem was born here at Bravo Chihuahuas, she is bred by myself and owned by Joao Machado and myself.  Salem is a spunky little girl that is JUST like her sire, Eagle. Salem will make the way to the show ring in 2023.

26Feb2024 OFA Cardiac exam was normal and patella 0/0

09Mar2024 CERF eye test was normal

CHIC#: 156824

20May2023 RW/Best Bred By under judge Mr. Harold Tatro handled by myself

21May2023 Best Bred By under judge Mr. Carol Pyrkosz and a Best Bred By Group 4

31May2023 WB/BW/BOS under judge Ms. Peggy Beiles-McIlwaine for 2 points handled by myself

26Aug2023 WB/BW under Judge Mrs. Donnelle Richards for 1 pt handled by myself

27Aug2023 WB/BOS under judge Gina West for a 3 pt major, handled by myself

22Sep2023 WB/BOS under judge Dr. Gary Sparschu for 2 points, handled by myself

23Sep2023 WB/BOS under judge Ms. Elizabeth Muthard for a 3 pt major, handles by myself

07Mar2024 WB/BOS under judge Mr Richard Miller for a 4 pt major, handled by Wade Koistinen


08Mar2024 BOS under judge Mr. John Ramirez for a 4 pt major

09Mar2024 BOS under judge Mrs. Lesley Hilts for a 3 pt major

10Mar2024 SEL under judge Mrs. Pamels Peat for 3 pt major

Click below for Salem's pedigree

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