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Bravo's Instigator 


Gator, what can I say about Gator! 

Gator was born at Bravo Chihuahuas and is now owned by Lisa Connell, Joao Machado, and Myself.  Gator is a strong boy with a very brave heart. He came into this world on 11Jun2021 ready to show everyone what he is made of, and he is making us very proud.  He is a type of boy that demands attention in and out of the ring.  Not only is he proving himself in the show ring at such a young age, but he is also a great companion at home.  Gator loves to play and snuggle with his human friends, and play with the other chihuahuas and his two German Shorthair Pointer friends that we have here at Bravo Chihuahuas.

30Jul2022 Gator passed his OFA Cardiac test and also 0/0 patellas

27Aug2022 Gator passed his CERF eye test

CHIC#: 174468

271805382_10223861341593269_723212965893426480_n (2).jpg

15Dec2021 RWD under judge Mrs. Elaine Whitney handled by Joao Machado

16Dec2021 RWD under judge Mr. Juan Miranda handled by Joao Machado

18Dec2021 WD/AOM for a 3-point major under judge Ms. Lauren Payne handled by Joao Machado

08Jan2022 BW/WD under judge Mrs, Doris Cozart handled by Joao Machado

09Jan2022 RWD under judge Ms. Peggy Lloyd handled by Joao Machado

10Jan2022 WD/BOW/BOB for 1 point under judge Mr. Philip R Briasco handled by Joao Machado

22Jan2022 WS/BOS under judge Mrs. Donna Buxton handled by Joao Machado

23Jan2022 WD/BOS under Ms. Erika Moureau handled by Joao Machado

25Feb2022 BOB/WD under judge Mr. Ken Murray handled by Joao Machado

27Feb2022 BOB/BW under judge Wood Wornall handled by Joao Machado

05Mar2022 RWD under judge Mr. John Ramirez handled by Joao Machado

19Mar2022 RWD under Judge Mr. Rodney Merry handled by Joao Machado

20Mar2022 BOB/BW for 5-point major under judge Mr. Robert Stein handled by Joao Machado

09Apr2022 BOB/BW/WD under judge Ms. Erika Moureau, for a 5 point major handled by Joao Machado

Gator is now an AKC Champion

02Jun2022 Select dog under judge Mr. Brian Meyer handled by myself

02Jun2022 Select dog under judge Mrs. Susan St. John Brown handled by myself

03Jun2022 Select dog under judge Mrs. Cindy Meyer handled by myself

04Jun2022 Select dog with Champions defeated under judge Mr. Allen Odom handled by myself

23Jul2022 BOS under judge Mr. Richard Miller for a 3 pt major  with Champions defeated handled by myself

24Jul2022 BOS under judge Gina Weiser for a 3 pt major  with Champions defeated handled by myself

25Aug2022 SEL dog under judge Mr. Joe Lobb handled by myself

26Aug2022 SEL under judge Mrs. Janett Lobb for 1 point handled by myself

23Sep2022 SEL/BOBOH under judge Mr. Larry C Abbott for 5 points handled by myself

25Sep2022 SEL under judge Dr. John F Davidson for 2 points handled by myself

2022 Chihuahua Club of America

Gator did not win big at the Regional and the Nationals in Oct2022, but he did make the first cut at the nationals and made the first and second cut at the nationals, this was a VERY VERY tough lineup of extremely nice Chihuahuas.  We are so proud of Mr. Gator!

05Nov2022 SEL/BOBOH under Judge Mrs. Karen S McFarlane for a 5 pt major handled by myself

06Nov2022 SEL/BOBOH under Judge Mr. Joe Walton for a 5 pt major handled by myself

10Nov2022 SEL/BOBOH under Judge Mrs. Julian Bitter for a 5 pt major handled by myself 

Gator is not an AKC Grand Champion

11Nov2022 SEL/BOBOH under Judge Mr. Fred Bassett for a 5 pt major handled by myself

12Nov2022 SEL/BOBOH under Judge Mr. James Moses for a 5 pt major handled by myself

18Feb2023 BOS under judge Mr. Jeffry Bazell for 3 points handled by Wade Koistinen

GCH photo.JPG

Click the link below for pedigree!

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