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GCH CH Imperial Luxury Overlord Dark

Eagle 2.jpg

Eagle is a beautiful smooth coat male that came from Larysa Sukharenka with Imperial Luxury Kennel in Belarus. 

Eagle is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to get him into the show ring in the fall of 2022

13Mar2022 Eagle passed his CERF eye exam

11Apr2022 Eagle passed his Cardiac test and was 0/0 Patella

CHIC#: 171680 

Nov2022 _edited.jpg
Eagle CH Photo Jan2023_edited.jpg
Major photo Nov2022.JPG
GCH finish photo_edited.jpg

02Jun2022 BOB/BW/WD under judge Mr. Brian Meyer for 1 point

02Jun2022 BOS/WD under judge Mrs. Susan St John-Brown

03Jun2022 BOS/WD under judge Mr. James Reynolds

06Jun2022 RWD under judge Mr. Allen L Odom

26Aug2022 WD under judge Mrs. Janet Lobb 2 points

27Aug2022 WD under judge Mr. Larry Abbott for a 3-point major

28Aug2022 WD/BW under judge Mrs. Judith Brown for 1 point

23Sep2022 RWD under judge Mr. Larry Abbott

24Sep2022 RWD under judge Mrs. Anna May Fleischli Brown

25Sep2022 WD under judge Dr. John F Davidson for 2 points

05Nov2022 RWD to a 4 point major under judge Mrs. Karen S McFarlane

11Nov2022 WD/BOW under judge Mr. Fred Bassett for a 4 point major

06Jan2023 BOB under judge Mrs. Elaine Lessig over a Champion for 2 points to finish his Championship handled by Wade Koistinen

Now Working on his Grand Champion

07Jan2022 SEL under judge Mr. Willima De Villeneuve for a 3 point major handled by Wade Koistinen

07Jan2022 BOB under judge Mrs. Shilo Bedford for a 5 point major with CH defeated handled by Wade Koistinen

18Feb2023 BOB under judge Mr. Jeffery Bazell for a 5 point major with CH defeated handled by Wade Koistinen

19Feb2023 BOB under judge Mrs. Diana Skibinski for a 5 point major with CH defeated handled by Wade Koistinen

10Mar2023 SEL/BOBOH under judge Mrs. Fatima Weaver for 1 point handled by myself.

29Apr2023 BOB under judge Dr. Gary Sparschu for 2 pts handled by Wade Koistinen

21May2023 SEL under judge Ms. Carol Pyrkosz for 4 pt major to finish his Grand Champion, handled by Wade Koistinen

Click the link below for pedigree!

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