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Bravo's I am the Tornado


Beth is a beautiful feisty girl that feels the word is hers to take. Beth loves everyone she meets and I cannot wait to see what this girl adds to Bravo Chihuahuas.

More to come on this fun girl!

Watch for her in the show rind in 2022

13Feb2023 OFA Heart Exam was normal and OFA Patella exam was 0/0 

11Mar2023 CERF exam was normal

CHIC #181248

02Jun2022 BOS/WB under judge Mr. Brian Meyer 

02Jun2022 BOB/BW/WB under judge Mrs. Susan St John-Brown for 1 point

03Jun2022 BOS/WD under judge Mr. James Reynolds for 1 point

06Jun2022 RWB under judge Mr. Allen L Odom

23Jul2022 Won her Bred by class under judge Mr. Richard Miller

24Jul2022 RWB to a 4 pt major under judge Gina Wieser

25Aug2022 RWB under judge Mr. Joe Lobb

26Aug2022 WB/BW under judge Mrs. Janet Lobb for 2 points

27Aug2022 RWB under judge Mr. Larry Abbott

28Aug2022 WB under judge Mrs. Judith Brown for 1 point

23Sep2022 WB/BOW under judge Mr. Larry Abbott for 1 point

24Sep2022 RWB under judge Mrs. Anna May Fleischli Brown

25Sep2022 RWB under judge Dr. John F Davidson

Chihuahua Club of America Regionals/Nationals

14Oct2022 Beth got 3rd in her class at the Regionals under judge Mrs. Molly Martin

16Oct2022 Beth was 2nd in her class at the Nationals under judge Ms. Sharon Masnick

Click below for Beth's Pedigree

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