CH Loving Is So Scary S Lipetskih Ozer


Loving Is So Scary S Lipetskih Ozer came to Bravo's chihuahuas from Natalia Kostina in Russia.  Ghost is a beautiful boy with more personality than he knows what to do with.  Ghost is such a sweet boy who makes friends wherever he goes.  I am excited to see what his show career bring for this lovely boy.

Ghost comes from a long line of top winning dogs in the world. Ghost is Line bred on Loving you S Lipetskih Ozer and a grandson of Fujiyama S Lipetskih Ozer.

01Feb2020 RWD under judge Ms Mary C Murphy-East

04Mar2020 BOV under judge Mrs Doris Cozart out of the puppy class over a Special for 2 points handled by Wade Koistinen

05Mar2020 WD/BOS under judge Patricia Nemirovsky de Alsina for 2 points handled by Wade Koistinen

06Mar2020 WD/BOW/BOS under judge Mr Elliott Weiss for a 3 point major handled by Wade Koistinen

07Mar2020 RWD under judge Mr Kenneth Rayner handled by Wade Koistinen

08Mar2020 WD/BOW under judge Ms Kimberly Ann Meredith for a 4 point major handled by Wade Koistinen

No Dog Shows do to COVID-19

12Aug2020 WD/BOW under judge Mrs Fatima Weaver for 2 points handled by Wade Koistinen

13Aug2020 WD/BOW under judge Mr Brian Meyer for 2 points handles by Wade Koistinen

14Aug2020 RWD under judge Steve Keating handled by Wade Koistinen

15Aug2020 WD/BOW under judge Mr John Wade handed by Wade Koistinen, Ghost is a Champion!!!!!

Now working on our Grand Champion

16Aug2020 Select dog under judge Ms Wendy Paquette for 1 point with a Champion defeated