Bravo's Tyrone Rukus Buller

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Tyron, what can I say about this Ty, other than he definitely has a mind of his own and everything is on Ty time! 

Ty was born at Bravo Chihuahuas and is now owned by my son and his wife.  Ty is a tiny boy with a mind of his own. He came into this world on 06Oct2021 ready to and my son fell in love.  He is a small boy that demands attention in and out of the ring.  Ty loves to play with his best friend Beth and snuggle with his human friends.  


23Jul2022 WD/BOW at his first time in the ring for 1pt under judge Mr. Richar Miller handled Michael Buller

23Jul2022 RWD under judge Gina Weiser handled by Michael Buller

27Aug2022 WD/BW under judge Mr. Larry Abbott for 1 point handled by Michael Buller

28Aug2022 WD/BW under judge Mrs. Judith Brown for 1 point handled by Michael Buller


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