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Bravo's Tyrone Rukus Buller

Bravo's Instigator 


Tyron, what can I say about this Ty, other than he definitely has a mind of his own and everything is on Ty time! 

Ty was born at Bravo Chihuahuas and is now owned by my son and his wife.  Ty is a tiny boy with a mind of his own. He came into this world on 06Oct2021 ready to and my son fell in love.  He is a small boy that demands attention in and out of the ring.  Ty loves to play with his best friend Beth and snuggle with his human friends.



13Feb2023 OFA Heart Exam was normal and OFA Patella exam was 0/0 - as soon as we get the CERF eye exam we will submit for a CHIC number from the OFA


23Jul2022 WD/BOW at his first time in the ring for 1pt under judge Mr. Richar Miller handled Michael Buller

23Jul2022 RWD under judge Gina Weiser handled by Michael Buller

27Aug2022 WD/BW under judge Mr. Larry Abbott for 1 point handled by Michael Buller

28Aug2022 WD/BW under judge Mrs. Judith Brown for 1 point handled by Michael Buller


Click the link below for pedigree!

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